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“Mephistopheles and the Faust” Alfred Jacomin, oil on Panel , 39.25 x 31.50″ Signed & Dated 1869


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Frame Size: Width: 46.25″ x Hight: 53.25″

Frame Thickness: 7.25″

Picture Size: Width: 31.50″ x 39.25″


Alfred Jacomin was a landscape and genre painter. He was a student of his father, Jean-Marie Jacomin, the Swiss Academy, and L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Paris. Jacomin started painting in 1864 with a canvas titled Hamlet. He exhibited in 1867 in the Salons de la Societe des Artistes Francais before becoming a member in 1883.

In addition to oil paintings, Jacomin also painted numerous watercolors. He exhibited and received awards in London, Philadelphia, Barcelona, and Lyon. Private collectors in England, Spain, and America collected many of his works.

Alfred Jacomin captivated audiences with his evocative and imaginative artworks. His creative journey led him to create mesmerizing paintings that transported viewers to otherworldly realms, filled with symbolism and emotion.

One of Jacomin’s most renowned works, “Mephistopheles and the Faust,” stands as a testament to his artistic prowess. This captivating painting delves into the realm of mythology and literature, bringing to life the iconic characters of Mephistopheles and Faust. The carefully composed scene showcases an intricately detailed room adorned with small objects, while the lighting and overall environment transport the audience to a specific moment in time.

Signed and dated 1869, “Mephistopheles and the Faust” showcases Jacomin’s attention to detail and mastery of lighting. The play of light and shadow creates a dramatic atmosphere, enhancing the sense of mystery and intrigue surrounding the characters. The small objects carefully placed throughout the room add depth and symbolism, inviting viewers to explore the layers of meaning embedded within the composition.

Jacomin’s ability to capture a moment frozen in time and imbue it with emotion and symbolism is a hallmark of his artistic style. Through “Mephistopheles and the Faust,” he transports viewers into a world of mythology and literature, where they can immerse themselves in the timeless struggle between good and evil.

By signing and dating the painting, Jacomin provides a glimpse into the historical context of his work, allowing viewers to appreciate its significance within his artistic journey and the broader art scene of the time.

Alfred Jacomin’s artistic legacy resides in his ability to ignite the imagination and create captivating narratives through his artworks. His attention to detail, skillful use of lighting, and meticulous compositions continue to inspire and resonate with art enthusiasts. “Mephistopheles and the Faust” stands as a testament to his mastery, inviting viewers to delve into the depths of myth and literature and explore the eternal themes that continue to captivate our collective imagination.


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