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“Music in the Palace” Antonio Maria Fabres, Oil Painting on Copper, 8.50″ x 10.75″


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“Music in the Palace” Oil Painting On Canvas By Antonio Maria Fabres

Frame Size: Width: 21.40″ x Height: 18.75″

Frame Thickness: 5″

Picture Size: Width: 10.75″ x  Height: 8.50″


Antonio Maria Fabres (1854-1936) was a Spanish painter known for his exquisite artworks depicting historical and Orientalist themes. Born in Barcelona, Fabres displayed an early talent for art and received his formal training at the prestigious Escola de la Llotja. He later studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid.

Fabres gained recognition for his remarkable skills in capturing the intricacies of light, color, and detail. His works often portrayed scenes from different cultures, particularly those of the Middle East, which fascinated him. His ability to depict exotic landscapes and characters with authenticity and sensitivity garnered him widespread acclaim.

One of Fabres’ notable artworks is “Music in the Palace.” What sets this painting apart is the unique choice of medium: it is painted on copper, which adds a luminous quality to the composition. In this captivating piece, an Arab woman dressed in vibrant traditional clothing is depicted playing a musical instrument. She exudes an air of elegance and serenity as she engages in the art of music. Seated beside her is a man wearing traditional attire, leisurely enjoying his hookah.

Fabres’ attention to detail is evident in the intricate rendering of the figures’ garments, the delicate play of light and shadow, and the meticulous depiction of their expressions and gestures. The painting captures the essence of the moment, immersing the viewer in the rich cultural ambiance of the scene.

Antonio Maria Fabres’ artworks, including “Music in the Palace,” have been celebrated for their technical mastery and evocative portrayal of Orientalist subjects. His works can be found in prominent museums and private collections around the world, captivating audiences with their vibrant colors, attention to detail, and the artist’s unique ability to transport viewers to distant lands and cultures.


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