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Now that Worth and Company has exclusively become an online market for buying and selling antique and vintage items, Getting people excited again over antiques is something we strive for. Each piece has its own character, personality, and story. That is truly the beauty of antiques.

Visit Worth and Company for Vintage, Estate and Unique Antiques in Jacksonville, Florida!

We have been in the antique business since the 1960’s, and have been able to witness its evolution over time. Worth and Company established in April of 2012. Presently we buy and sell through multiple online platforms, our main shop being our personal website. We carry an enormous variety of different inventory, in all various price ranges. So get comfortable, and browse our treasures.

Worth Antiques is always available to discuss any and all questions you might have. We are also available to discuss the sale of an entire collection of your estate or just a single item. For more information, call 904-242-9000 or email us at

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How to become an art collector

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