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” Shepherdess And Her Flock ” Oil On Canvas, Original Frame By Charles Émile Jacque (1813-1894)


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” Shepherdess And Her Flock ” Oil On Canvas, Original Frame By Charles Émile Jacque (1813-1894)
Signed lower right.

Frame Size: Width: 35″ x Hight: 29.75″

Frame Thickness: 4.75″

Picture Size: Width: 25.75″ x 20.50″


Charles Émile Jacque (1813-1894) was a French painter and etcher known for his captivating rural and pastoral scenes. Born in Paris, Jacque initially worked as an apprentice printer, but his passion for art led him to pursue a career as a painter.

Jacque’s early influences were rooted in the Barbizon School, which emphasized a realistic and naturalistic approach to landscape and rural subjects. He gained recognition for his skillful depiction of animals, particularly sheep and farm animals, which became recurring motifs in his works.

One of Jacque’s notable artworks is “Shepherdess and Her Flock.” This painting showcases his expertise in portraying the rustic charm of rural life. The scene depicts a shepherdess surrounded by her flock of sheep in a serene countryside setting. The artist pays careful attention to the details of the landscape, the animals, and the shepherdess herself, creating a sense of harmony and tranquility.

In “Shepherdess and Her Flock,” Jacque captures the essence of pastoral life, highlighting the connection between humans and nature. The painting exudes a sense of simplicity, evoking the peacefulness and harmony that can be found in rural settings. Jacque’s meticulous brushwork and mastery of light and shadow add depth and realism to the scene, immersing the viewer in the idyllic countryside.

Throughout his career, Jacque’s works received acclaim and were exhibited in prestigious galleries and salons. He became a respected member of the French art community and earned numerous awards and honors. His influence extended beyond his paintings, as he also worked as an art teacher and mentor to other artists.

Charles Émile Jacque’s paintings, including “Shepherdess and Her Flock,” continue to be admired for their evocative portrayal of rural life and their skillful rendering of animals. His ability to capture the beauty and tranquility of nature in his artwork has secured his place as one of the notable figures of the Barbizon School. Today, his paintings can be found in museums and private collections worldwide, preserving his legacy as a master of pastoral and animal painting.


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