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“Shepherdess With Farm Animals” Oil On Canvas By Constant Troyon (1810-1865)


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“Shepherdess With Farm Animals” Oil On Canvas By Constant Troyon (1810-1865)

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Frame Size: Width: 30.75″ x Hight: 23″

Frame Thickness: 3″

Picture Size: Width: 25.75″ x 18.50″


Constant Troyon born on August 28, 1810, and passing away on February 21, 1865, Constant Troyon was a French painter associated with the Barbizon school. Initially focused on landscape painting during the early years of his career, Troyon later discovered his true calling as an animal painter, garnering widespread acclaim and international recognition.

Constant Troyon, a renowned French artist of the 19th century, established himself as a master in the genre of animal painting. Born in Sèvres, France, in 1810, Troyon’s artistic journey was marked by his exceptional ability to capture the spirit and beauty of farm animals and pastoral scenes.

One of Troyon’s most celebrated works, “Shepherdess With Farm Animals,” exemplifies his artistic prowess and deep connection with the natural world. In this painting, Troyon portrays a shepherdess surrounded by a variety of farm animals, including sheep, cows, and chickens. The shepherdess, clad in rustic attire, radiates a sense of tranquility and harmony as she tends to her flock.

Through his masterful brushwork, Troyon infuses life into each animal, paying meticulous attention to their anatomical accuracy and expressive details. The texture of the sheep’s wool, the gentle curve of the cow’s horns, and the vibrant feathers of the chickens all come alive under his skilled hand. The composition is carefully balanced, creating a harmonious interplay between the human figure and the animals, and evoking a serene rural atmosphere.

Troyon’s ability to capture the essence of the pastoral landscape and the relationship between humans and animals is what sets him apart as an artist. His deep appreciation for the countryside and his keen observation of its inhabitants allowed him to create paintings that resonate with viewers, evoking a sense of nostalgia and a connection to nature.

“Shepherdess With Farm Animals” showcases Troyon’s technical mastery, his ability to depict the play of light and shadows, and his skillful rendering of textures. Through this artwork, Troyon invites us to step into a timeless moment, to immerse ourselves in the bucolic setting, and to appreciate the inherent beauty found in the simplicity of rural life.

Constant Troyon’s legacy in the art world is defined by his contributions to the genre of animal painting and his ability to capture the essence of the natural world. His artworks continue to inspire and captivate audiences, allowing us to marvel at the grace and charm of farm animals and to reconnect with the idyllic landscapes of our past.

Constant Troyon’s artworks can be found in numerous museums and collections worldwide. Among his notable works is “Road in the Woods,” created around the 1840s, which is currently housed in the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art.






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