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how to tell if antiques are valuable

What is the difference between antique and vintage?

No matter what they are made of An antique is 100 years or older, while vintage is younger, Age of vintage is between 25 to 99 years 

Age, Rarity, demand, availability and quality are just a few things that affect the value of Antiques and Vintages

In General  how much the item is older and is more rare the value goes higher, it’s obvious the quality and condition would affect the value as well

Why Are People Interested In antiques?

Some people collect antiques because those items hold sentimental value. and some people inherit antique from 3 or older generation of their family, and they feel connection 

With their grandparents, Many people collecting Antiques as a hobby and enjoy doing this in their free time because they can feel how people lived in the passed and how was the life look like years ago

Does it worth to invest in antiques?

As we mentioned earlier the value of antiques will increase by the  time passing. Investing in antiques can be rewarding, but it is not instant profit ! Antiques are a medium- to long-term investment, but you will certainly enjoy living with them, and you can sell them anytime that you like, because the value does not go  down unless they get damaged. For example you buy piece of art antique for certain amount and 15 years later that item might be more profitable that what you expect , there are a lots of factor determine the value as we talked earlier 

How to tell a real antique?

Most of the antiques  were made with quality in mind, with too many details these details makes them more unique and increase the value and we can use them to identify the antiques 

Most of antique are marked or signed by the person who made them, since that time there were no other way to  record them self and make connection with the feature generation they would sign them and sometime mark the date on their products and these way they leave us a massage 

Antiques must show signs of however  signs of age can be faked. Recognizing this need experience and after you get enough experience in most case you can tell the difference, to avoid getting scum we recommend to buy antiques from the place has long repetition in the antiques business

What are the best antique pieces you came across?

Where to buy Real Antiques?

You can find antiques in estate sales local antique shops, thrift stores, garage sales, antique shows, and even Trusted online shops are all places where you can find awesome antiques and vintages.

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