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“Woman and Dog” Bronze Sculpture by Mathurin Moreau – Made in France, (1822-1912). 25.75″


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Introducing the mesmerizing “Woman and Dog” Bronze Sculpture by Mathurin Moreau, a masterpiece that beautifully captures the essence of human connection. This extraordinary piece showcases a woman and her loyal canine companion in a captivating and tender embrace.

Crafted by the esteemed artist Mathurin Moreau during the early 19th century (1822-1912) in France, this sculpture exemplifies the timeless allure of French artistry. Made from high-quality bronze, it reflects the skill and precision of the renowned artisans of the era.

What sets this sculpture apart is Moreau’s exceptional attention to detail, particularly in depicting the woman’s body anatomy beneath her delicate silk and thin clothing. Through subtle contours and expert craftsmanship, Moreau masterfully portrays the graceful curves and lines of the female form, hinting at the underlying beauty concealed beneath the fabric.

The interplay between the woman and her canine companion symbolizes the profound bond between humans and animals. It evokes a sense of warmth, loyalty, and companionship, inviting viewers to contemplate the depth of these connections in their own lives.

Standing at an impressive height of 25.75 inches, this sculpture commands attention and becomes a striking centerpiece in any space. Its presence adds an air of elegance and sophistication, making it a cherished addition to art collections, galleries, or as a focal point in your home.

With the “Woman and Dog” Bronze Sculpture by Mathurin Moreau, you can own a timeless piece of art that not only celebrates the beauty of human-animal relationships but also pays homage to the intricate artistry and craftsmanship of the early 19th century.


Mathurin Moreau, born in 1822 into a renowned family of artists, possessed an innate talent and a deep passion for sculpting. With a blend of artistic skill, extensive training, and an enterprising mindset, he emerged as one of the most celebrated sculptors in 19th-century France. The legacy of Mathurin Moreau’s artistic prowess extended long after his passing in 1912, as his captivating artwork continued to captivate art enthusiasts worldwide.

Hailing from a lineage of distinguished artists, Moreau inherited a rich artistic heritage that shaped his creative journey. Drawing inspiration from his family’s artistic legacy, he honed his skills through rigorous training and dedicated practice. Moreau’s artistic vision flourished, allowing him to leave an indelible mark on the world of sculpture.

His exceptional talent and unique artistic style garnered immense popularity during his lifetime and beyond. The demand for Mathurin Moreau’s remarkable sculptures remained unwavering, captivating art connoisseurs and collectors alike. Even after his departure, his works continued to grace galleries, exhibitions, and private collections, testifying to their enduring appeal and artistic brilliance.

Mathurin Moreau’s sculptures embodied a harmonious blend of technical excellence and emotional depth. He possessed a remarkable ability to breathe life into his creations, infusing them with intricate details and evocative expressions. His masterful use of form and composition captured the essence of his subjects, leaving a lasting impression on all who beheld his works.

Today, Mathurin Moreau’s sculptures stand as a testament to his artistic legacy and the significant impact he made on the art world. His contributions continue to inspire artists and art enthusiasts, perpetuating his artistic vision for generations to come.


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