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Large Hand Painted Antique Dresden Carl Thieme Early 19th Century


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Height: 16.50″

Width: 11.60″

Intricately crafted and standing at an impressive height of 16.50 inches with a width of 11.60 inches, this Large Hand Painted Antique Dresden Carl Thieme porcelain masterpiece commands attention with its imposing yet elegant presence. The dimensions of this piece add to its allure, making it a substantial focal point in any space, whether showcased on a mantle, displayed in a cabinet, or gracing a prominent spot in your home.

The generous height of 16.50 inches allows for a detailed and immersive viewing experience, inviting admirers to appreciate the nuanced brushstrokes and intricate details from a variety of angles. The width of 11.60 inches ensures that the composition is well-balanced, allowing the captivating scene of beautiful flowers and the charming depiction of a boy and girl to unfold harmoniously within the frame.

As you explore the delicate intricacies of the hand-painted florals and the endearing narrative of the children, the generous dimensions of this Dresden masterpiece contribute to the overall impact of its visual storytelling. Whether you choose to place it as a centerpiece or integrate it into a curated collection, the size of this piece ensures that it will become a conversation piece, captivating the imagination and transporting viewers to the artistic splendor of the early 19th century.

In this union of dimensions and artistry, the Large Hand Painted Antique Dresden Carl Thieme porcelain piece becomes not only a collector’s item but a statement of sophistication and timeless beauty that transcends the boundaries of its era.


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