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Exquisite Saint Cecilia: KPM Porcelain Portrait After Raphael (Hight: 21.50″ x Width: 14.50″ )


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Frame Size: Hight: 30.25″ x Width: 23.40″

Frame Thickness: 5.25″

Picture Size: Hight: 21.50″ x Width: 14.50″

Immerse yourself in the divine beauty of Saint Cecilia with this extraordinary KPM Porcelain Portrait, meticulously crafted after Raphael’s masterpiece. This captivating artwork, housed in a stunning carved gilt wood frame, showcases the timeless elegance and exceptional artistry of the KPM tradition.

The porcelain portrait brings Saint Cecilia to life with astonishing realism. Her face emanates a lifelike quality, capturing her serene expression and the play of light on her features. Every intricate detail is flawlessly rendered, showcasing the mastery of the artist and the meticulous craftsmanship of KPM.

The size of this porcelain portrait sets it apart as one of the largest KPM artworks in existence. In the world of KPM porcelain, size is a crucial element, as larger pieces risk cracking during the delicate firing process. This remarkable artwork is a testament to the skill and precision employed by the craftsmen, who ensured its creation with exceptional care.

The carved gilt wood frame surrounding the portrait adds a touch of opulence and grandeur. With a height of 30.25″ and width of 23.40″, the frame commands attention and complements the artwork’s majestic presence. Its substantial thickness of 5.25″ adds depth and prominence to the overall presentation. The picture itself measures 21.50″ in height and 14.50″ in width, allowing for a closer examination of the intricacies of the portrait.

This KPM Porcelain Portrait of Saint Cecilia captures the essence of Raphael’s original masterpiece, radiating spiritual beauty and grace. It serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of religious iconography and the artistry of KPM porcelain.

Embrace the magnificence and historical significance of this exquisite artwork, and let it become a cherished centerpiece in your collection. The combination of the meticulously crafted porcelain portrait and the stunning carved gilt wood frame creates a truly breathtaking ensemble. Experience the transcendent presence of Saint Cecilia and be captivated by the meticulous artistry that makes this piece a true masterpiece.


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