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Victory Personified: 19th Century Hand Painted Woman Plaque (Picture Height: 9″ x  Width: 6.12″)


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Frame Size: Height: 18″ x Width: 12.25″

Picture Size: Height: 9″ x  Width: 6.12″

Experience the allure of victory with this exquisite 19th Century Hand Painted Plaque depicting a beautiful woman symbolizing triumph. Crafted with meticulous artistry, this plaque captures the essence of the era, showcasing a lifelike portrayal that mesmerizes the viewer.

The woman’s face is brought to life with remarkable realism, with shining eyes that radiate determination and vitality. The skillful brushwork captures the subtle nuances of her skin, evoking a sense of life coursing through her veins. Her attire reflects the fashion of the time, adding an authentic touch to the artwork.

The plaque is framed in a truly unique carved frame that sets it apart. The original frame showcases intricate details and craftsmanship, enhancing the visual appeal of the artwork. While there may be some minor damage to the frame, it adds to the plaque’s historical character and does not diminish its overall beauty.

Measuring at a height of 18″ and width of 12.25″, the frame serves as a complementary border, accentuating the artwork’s elegance and providing a captivating presentation. The picture itself measures 9″ in height and 6.12″ in width, allowing you to appreciate the intricacies of the woman’s portrayal.

This hand-painted plaque of the beautiful woman symbolizing victory is a testament to the artistic skill of the 19th Century. It invites the viewer to celebrate the triumphs of the human spirit and the timeless appeal of beauty.

Embrace the allure and historical significance of this remarkable hand-painted plaque, and let it become a cherished centerpiece in your collection. “Victory Personified” captures the essence of an era and celebrates the enduring power of art to evoke emotions and inspire. The unique carved frame adds to its charm, and any minor damage serves as a reminder of its storied past. Allow the radiant presence of this woman to captivate your imagination and bring a touch of beauty and triumph to your space.


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