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The Old Schoolmaster: 19th Century Berlin KPM Porcelain Artwork” (Hight 12″ x  Width: 10″  )


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Frame Size: Hight: 17.50″ x Width: 15.50″

Frame Thickness: 2.50″

Picture Size: Hight 12″ x  Width: 10″

Step into the past with this remarkable 19th Century Berlin KPM Porcelain artwork titled “The Old Schoolmaster.” This captivating piece transports you to a bygone era, capturing the essence of a dedicated teacher immersed in his craft.

The artwork showcases exceptional attention to detail, with the schoolmaster depicted in a moment of focused concentration. Bathed in soft, natural light, the scene reveals every intricate element with striking realism. From the schoolmaster’s face, displaying wisdom and dedication, to the meticulously rendered hourglass and birdcage, every detail is brought to life.

Measuring at a height of 17.50″ and width of 15.50″, the frame enhances the artwork’s visual impact. With a thickness of 2.50″, the frame adds depth and dimension to the piece, further immersing you in the schoolmaster’s world.

The picture itself measures 12″ in height and 10″ in width, allowing you to appreciate the intricacies of the scene up close. The skilled craftsmanship of Berlin KPM Porcelain shines through, creating a sense of artistry and authenticity.

“The Old Schoolmaster” is a testament to the enduring power of art to capture moments of everyday life and evoke emotions. It invites you to reflect on the timeless importance of education and the dedication of those who impart knowledge.

Embrace the nostalgia and enchantment of this 19th Century Berlin KPM Porcelain artwork, and let it become a treasured addition to your collection. “The Old Schoolmaster” serves as a testament to the beauty of art in preserving and honoring the stories of the past.


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