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Size 5 14K Yellow Gold Antique Ring with Diamonds for Wome


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Inside Diameter: 0.60″

Bin Code: J12/ P11

Introducing the Size 5 14K Yellow Gold Antique Ring, a stunning piece designed to elevate your style with its timeless beauty. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, this ring exudes sophistication and charm, making it a perfect choice for any occasion.

Tailored to fit size 5, this ring is specifically designed for women’s fingers. The inside diameter of 0.60″ ensures a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to wear it with confidence throughout the day. Weighing just 2.4g, it feels light on the finger, ensuring a seamless wearing experience.

The centerpiece of this remarkable ring is a genuine diamond that radiates with captivating brilliance. Adorning the band are two small, delicate diamonds, adding an extra touch of sparkle and elegance. The combination of these diamond accents creates a mesmerizing display of light and brilliance, enhancing the overall allure of the ring.

Crafted with 14K yellow gold, this antique-inspired ring showcases exceptional craftsmanship. The warm and lustrous yellow gold beautifully complements the diamonds, creating a harmonious and captivating composition. The intricate details and vintage-inspired design add depth and character, making it a truly unique piece.

Indulge in the luxurious charm of this 14K Yellow Gold Antique Ring with Real Diamond Accents. Whether it’s a special occasion or everyday wear, this ring is a symbol of timeless beauty and refined taste. Its exquisite craftsmanship and dazzling diamond accents make it a cherished addition to your jewelry collection, radiating elegance and sophistication with every wear.


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