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Captivating Antique French Hand made Decorative Bronze Whippet Doge Figurine


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Product Height: 16.25″

Presenting our alluring Antique Bronze Doge Figurine, gracefully standing at an impressive height of 16.25″ and measuring 14.25″ in length. This exquisite masterpiece embodies the very essence of prestige and power, intricately detailed to perfection.

Handcrafted with unparalleled artistry, this figurine eloquently captures the regal aura of the Doge, the revered leader of Venice. The meticulously sculpted robes cascade with a sense of grace, complemented by the dignified crown gracing the figure’s noble visage. Each contour and curve has been meticulously shaped, a testament to the exceptional craftsmanship of the artisans who breathed life into this creation.

Forged from premium bronze, this piece boasts an opulent antique finish that bestows a hint of vintage allure. The warm patina and nuanced color variations evoke a profound sense of history, as if this figurine has stood witness to the passage of eras.

The stature of this Doge figurine guarantees its authoritative presence in any setting. Whether showcased as a centerpiece upon a table, commanding attention on a mantel, or as an integral part of a curated collection, it will enrapture all who encounter it. Beyond its ornamental purpose, this figurine encapsulates a symbol of authority and magnificence, infusing any space with an air of prestige.

Embrace the timeless charm of yesteryears and elevate your decor with the enchanting Antique Bronze Doge Figurine. Its commanding dimensions, intricate workmanship, and enduring design render it a genuine heirloom to be treasured across generations.


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