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“View of Alexandria Harbor, Egypt, 1843″ William James Müller, Oil Painting on Canvas, Signed and Dated 1843, 26.50″ x 38”


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Frame Size: Height: 39.25″ x Width: 50.25″

Picture Size: Height 26.50″ x Width: 38″


William James Müller (1812-1845) was a British painter known for his landscapes and Orientalist works. Born in Bristol, England, Müller demonstrated an early talent for art and received his education at the Bristol Grammar School. He then pursued formal artistic training at the Royal Academy in London.

Müller’s passion for travel and exploration led him to embark on several journeys across Europe and the Middle East. These trips provided him with firsthand experiences of different cultures and landscapes, which greatly influenced his artistic style. He was particularly drawn to the allure of the Orient and the exotic beauty of its landscapes.

The British Museum was bequeathed a rich collection of Müller’s sketches by John Henderson.

One of Müller’s notable artworks is “View of Alexandria,” signed and dated 1843. This painting captures the enchanting city of Alexandria, located in Egypt, where the majestic Nile River flows into the Mediterranean Sea. The scene portrays a bustling riverside with boats traversing the river and people engaged in their daily activities. The artist skillfully portrays the unique architecture of the city, capturing its vibrant atmosphere.

The reflection of the city and the surrounding scenery on the tranquil waters of the Nile adds a sense of realism to the painting. Müller’s attention to detail brings the scene to life, showcasing the rich tapestry of daily life during that period. The work provides a glimpse into the culture and ambiance of Alexandria, inviting viewers to imagine themselves immersed in the bustling cityscape.

William James Müller’s artworks, including “View of Alexandria,” signed and dated 1843, are celebrated for their meticulous attention to detail, atmospheric rendering, and evocative depiction of landscapes and cultural scenes. His works continue to captivate audiences, transporting them to distant lands and offering a window into the beauty and diversity of the Orientalist world.



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