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Pair of 19th Century Orientalist Realist Oil Paintings on Board – Victor Huguet – 1865



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Victor Huguet, a distinguished 19th-century French artist known for his contributions to the Orientalist art movement, crafted a captivating pair of paintings that beckon viewers into the enchanting landscapes of North Africa and the Middle East. Born in 1835, Huguet’s artistic journey unfolded during a period of European fascination with the exotic cultures and landscapes of the Orient.

The first painting, titled ‘Arab Camp at Desert,’ measures 15.13″ x 18.25″. This Orientalist masterpiece invites us into a nomadic Arab camp as the sun sets over the vast desert. Huguet’s skillful use of warm hues captures the atmospheric magic of the moment, casting a golden glow over the tents, horses, and people. The arrangement of Arab tents and the inclusion of horses create a sense of movement, offering a glimpse into the nomadic lifestyle of the region.

Its counterpart, ‘At The Shore,’ also measures 15.13″ x 18.25″. This painting transports us to the coastal region, where Arab horses and people coexist against a backdrop of hills and sea. Huguet’s precision in rendering the landscape allows viewers to feel the gentle rise and fall of the hills, creating a harmonious blend of nature and human activity. The elegant portrayal of Arab horses and distant figures adds a cultural dimension, providing insight into the daily life of the depicted region.

Both paintings, while distinct in their settings, share a common size, creating a visual harmony as a pair. The choice of oil on board enhances the tactile experience, inviting viewers to appreciate the intricacies of Huguet’s artistic technique. Together, ‘Arab Camp at Desert’ and ‘At The Shore’ stand as a testament to Huguet’s ability to capture the timeless allure and cultural richness of the Orient, creating a harmonious dialogue between the desert and coastal landscapes.


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