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“The Messenger” Pujol De Gustavino, oil on panel, 36×26 Signed


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Frame Size: Width: 31″ x Hight: 43.75″

Frame Thickness: 4.50″

Picture Size: Width: 36.25″ x 25.75″


Pujol De Gustavino was a disciple painter of the School of Barcelona, known for his exceptional artistic talent. He lived in Paris, where he actively participated in the annual Exhibitions starting from 1876. His notable works included “The Disdain,” “The Player of Hands,” and “An Amateur by Fayence.” With a vital period spanning approximately from 1850 to 1905, his contributions to the art world left a lasting impact.

One of Gustavino’s most celebrated artworks is his oil painting on panel named “The Messenger.” Measuring 36×26 inches and signed by the artist, this painting is considered one of his finest masterpieces. The artwork captivates viewers for various reasons. Firstly, Gustavino skillfully creates a three-dimensional effect in depicting the interior architecture design of the palace, transporting the viewer into the scene itself.

Moreover, the painting showcases superior body language and exquisite attention to detail. The 19th-century clothing’s colors and fabric materials are rendered with precision, adding authenticity to the portrayal. Notably, the inclusion of a taxidermized lioness head and skin further adds to the visual impact, symbolizing strength and power.

Gustavino’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the painting. The depiction of a small carpet beneath the Messenger’s feet, subtly folded, showcases his dedication to capturing even the minutest details. Additionally, the reflection on the smooth marble floor further enhances the realism of the scene.

The play of lighting and shadows in Gustavino’s painting adds depth and vitality, breathing life into the artwork. Through his deliberate brushwork, he successfully conveys the opulence and grandeur of the depicted setting. “The Messenger” evokes a sense of wealth and power, immersing the viewer in a world of luxury and intrigue.

This remarkable painting by Pujol De Gustavino showcases his technical mastery, attention to detail, and ability to transport viewers into the depicted scene. It stands as a testament to his artistic brilliance and continues to captivate art enthusiasts with its exquisite beauty.


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