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“A Pompeiian Love Song” – Edoardo Ettore Forti



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Sold: Jackson’s Auctioneers & Appraisers, Cedar Falls, Iowa, December 8, 2009, Lot 4
A Pompeiian Love Song” by Antonio Rivas (Spanish, 1845-1911) transports viewers back to the enchanting ambiance of the 19th century with its antique charm. Rivas, a masterful artist hailing from Spain, left an indelible mark on the art world during his lifetime.

This exquisite oil on canvas painting, with dimensions measuring 14 3/8 x 23 5/8 inches, encapsulates the essence of the 19th-century aesthetic. The scene unfolds within a beautifully designed interior, adorned with intricate carpets and furnishings that reflect the elegance of the time. The careful attention to detail in the painting captures the nuances of the era’s design and culture, providing a vivid snapshot frozen in time.

In “A Pompeiian Love Song,” the composition features three captivating figures—a lady in a stunning orange dress reclining on a couch, another seated gracefully beside her, and a third playing a musical instrument on a chair. The harmony of colors and the placement of each element evoke a sense of a live moment frozen, allowing the viewer to step into the scene and experience the romance of the period.

The pigeons perched on a vase within the painting create a friendly and serene environment, adding a touch of nature to the indoor setting. The precision in depicting both the anatomy of the pigeons and the human body showcases Rivas’ commitment to realistic representation, further enhancing the immersive quality of the artwork.

Ettore Forti (Italian, 1850-1940) adds another layer to the artistic narrative with his signature in the lower right, inscribed “Roma.” The collaboration between Rivas and Forti amplifies the allure of this antique masterpiece, combining the talents of two distinguished artists from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

As viewers gaze upon “A Pompeiian Love Song,” they are not merely observers but time travelers, enveloped in the artistry of Antonio Rivas and Ettore Forti, experiencing the grace and romance of a bygone era through the lens of this captivating painting.


Frame Size : 14.38 x 23.63



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